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hindi quotes

hindi quotes

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Category Wise Quote

1. अनुशासन (Discipline) Quotes

2. अज्ञान Ignorance Agyanta illiterate Quotes
3. अपमान Apmaan Contempt अनादर Disrespect Quote
4. अंधविश्वास Superstition Quotes
5. असंभव Impossible Quotes
6. अभिमान ABHIMAN Quotes in Hindi
7. आचरण (Conduct) Behaviour Character Quotes Thoughts 
8. Azadi आजादी (Freedom) Quote
9. आशा Asha Ummid (Hope) Quote in Hindi
10. आलोचना Criticism Hindi Thoughts
11. आलस्य (Laziness) Quote in Hindi 
12. आदर्श Ideal Quote and Thought
13. आत्मसम्मान Self-Respect Quotes and Thoughts in Hindi
14. आत्म-संतोष Self-Satisfaction in Quotes Thoughts

15. आत्म-विश्वास (Self -Confidence) आत्म-निर्भरता Self-Reliance

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